Nursery to big-boys room

I know some people might think it’s a bit early to be transforming Baby R’s nursery into a bedroom designed to better suit his needs for the next few years and beyond, but that’s what we’ve been working on lately.  To be honest, his nursery was just a hodgepodge of our existing furniture plus a cot, and although I don’t go in for the designer look with complete ranges of furniture and furnishings bought en mass from one shop, I did want to buy some things specifically for that room.  The overall aim of my mini-makeover was to make the room practical and cute, to increase storage and to use the space better.  I also wanted to make a reading nook/calm and cosy spot, and I wanted space for photos and pictures on the wall.

Here are some snaps of my changes so far.  I hope you like my mix of old and new, homemade and store bought stuff!  Things still to be done include repainting the walls and ceiling, finding a fun floor-standing lamp, and eventually replacing the carpet, but those things can wait!


Toy box/chest and drawers – IKEA
Change mat – John Lewis
Wall shelf – Great Little Trading Company
Pillow – made by me using Wildwood fabric by Bethan Janine (available from Lady Sew and Sew)
Lampshade – This Modern Life


Wall display – made by me using recycled wood and stationery
Images – upcycled from book found in charity shop


Curtains – Mamas and Papas, now discontinued
Bunting – from Antique Rose, Wokingham
Bird wall stickers – IKEA


Cot bed – John Lewis, now discontinued
Sleeping bag – The Gro Company
Comforter – Mamas and Papas, now discontinued
Wall decoration – The Early Learning Centre


Art – upcycled Christmas card!


Party favours!

So I’m the kind of mum who is not so keen on traditional party bags for many reasons:

>they’re often full of sugary snacks and treats that get scoffed down before you can intervene

>they get chucked out and end up on landfill

>they are a kind of throw away toy, they don’t teach anything about valuing material possessions

>they cost such a lot, and after giving up work I am on a money saving mission like never before!

What I do believe, however, is that it is lovely to gift guests a little thank you for coming along and spending their time with you.


So with that in mind, I created these flower pots to give out to Baby R’s friends and family for attending his first birthday.

The pots were bought from a local DIY centre costing 79p each.  I painted them with left over bits and bobs I found in the husband’s shed and then decorated them with spots of colourful pain and ribbon.  I also made some luggage labels using cereal boxes and fixed them on to the ribbon.  I put a personal message on each of them for the guests, and popped in some basil seeds with some growing instructions I wrote by hand.  I bought 2 packets of seeds that cost 99p each and divided them between the 20 favours and wrapped each portion of seeds in a little bit of foil.


Personalised, keep sake, sensory, stimulating and educational party favours for less than £1 per head!  Now that’s cause for celebration!